Code of Conduct AKA COC

F.O.L.D. has very high standards in protecting our dance community and those who attend F.O.L.D. events. F.O.L.D. is privately owned & operated thus F.O.L.D. has the right to refuse any person entry along with the right to have any person removed from any F.O.L.D. event at any point in time solely based upon F.O.L.D.’s discretion without any legal jurisdiction required.

All attendees must agree prior to ticket purchase to fully know and understand the F.O.L.D. Code of Conduct (COC) and Dance Etiquette (DE) Boundaries. See Dance Etiquette Rules.


No one with an active restraining order or domestic dispute charges will be allowed to attend or participate.

No one with an active arrest warrant of any kind will be allowed to attend or participate.

No one with any official rape/sexual assault/sexual misconduct or the like of any such charges will be allowed to attend or participate.

Only in the case of incorrect accusations F.O.L.D. may consider but is not held liable to allow to attend. If the investigation is still an open case then F.O.L.D. reserves the right to still enforce the no tolerance policy and have that person removed.

If such persons are found out by F.O.L.D. they will be escorted from the event and facility immediately and no monetary refund will be given back for any passes or purchases made by such said individual(s).

If such persons are discovered or brought forward to F.O.L.D. prior to their pass purchase or hotel commitment they will not be allowed to purchase any passes and not allowed to stay at the hotel or on the venue premises.

If such persons have already purchased passes or committed in any way financially to the venue per the venue booking policy, such persons shall not be issued any refunds whatsoever.

No harassment, rudeness, out of line behavior, crossing any dance etiquette boundaries, bullying, manipulating, intimidating or out of control behavior will be tolerated. If such acts are seen and/or reported to our Dance Etiquette Enforcers, AKA the DEEs, such persons committing the acts will be escorted out of the event, off the venue premises and will NOT be allowed back in at any time during the entire length of the event. Such persons shall not be issued any refunds, and such persons shall be still held responsible fully for all hotel charges/financial commitments they have committed to. Such persons shall also be PERMANENTLY BANNED from any and all F.O.L.D. events now and in the future with no financial reimbursements made to any such persons.

F.O.L.D. values and cares for all its dance community members. All complaints shall be thoroughly investigated and if found valid the No Tolerance policy will be strictly and immediately enforced regardless of gender.

Please speak up right away if anything has happened to you or you have seen such things happen to someone else regardless of gender. DEE’s will be onsite at the event at all times and ready to assist in any case needed.

All private lessons are to be in public common areas of the venue grounds – NOT in any private hotel rooms.

Know that you will be kept safe at F.O.L.D. events to the very best of our every ability.

F.O.L.D. owns all copyrights for all published information such as the COC above.