Dance Etiquette AKA DE

Remember YOU DON’T OWE ANYONE A DANCE or TO CONTINUE THE DANCE IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE in any way regardless of gender and/or experience and/or position of yourself or the other person (example such as an instructor is valued, respected and held accountable, the same level of value, respect and accountability is given to a first timer). You can stop the dance at any time. You don’t owe anybody any explanation as to why you ended the dance or chose not to dance with them.

HYGIENE – ALL DANCERS – REGARDLESS OF GENDER – make sure you are CLEAN! Bathe with soap. Bring extra clothes and change them often when you are super sweaty. Wear deodorant. Brush your teeth. Use mints and breath fresheners frequently.

ALL Dancers – REGARDLESS OF GENDER – keep your right side/right pockets EMPTY. DON’T be the one to have that uncomfortable firm wallet/phone/keys giving the impression and horribly uncomfortable situation for any follower REGARDLESS OF GENDER.

ALL Dancers – REGARDLESS OF GENDER – keep your hands in front of yourself and around your mid chest height. This will help avoid the accidental chest/elbow/hand bump. Along with helping to avoid any hand/arm touching/grazing or the like happening on accident or purposefully below the waistline.

Always approach/ask a person from the front, REGARDLESS OF GENDER.

DON’T approach/ask them from behind.

Always asking permission to dance with a person, REGARDLESS OF GENDER.

DON’T just grab their hand and drag them onto the dance floor.

Always ask if you would like to lead, ask, “may I lead you?” Or if you like to follow, “will you lead me?” Respect their answers either way. If they decline, DON’T take it personally. Be respectful.

DON’T assume that gender determines the dance role.

RESPECT if the same genders are dancing together.

DON’T interrupt their dance to ask one of them to dance with you. You wait until they are finished dancing together just as you would wait for the next song with any mixed gender dancers.

Always ask the person you are dancing with if they would like to continue dancing the next song when the previous song you both were dancing to together ends.

DON’T assume they want to continue to dance with you and DON’T take it personally if they are finished dancing with you.

Always be polite and respectful of the other person’s response to any questions or statements they make. Such as “I’m not comfortable with that move.”

DON’T repeat the move, DON’T FORCE the person to try to do that move, DON’T make the person feel bad or uncomfortable for speaking up or any such of the like or for not understanding/being able/or not wanting to do any moves.

REMEMBER the LEAD IS JUST A SUGGESTION, DON’T FORCE a lead and DON’T feel obligated as a follower to do any move you are not ready/comfortable for/don’t like.

REMEMBER followers, you have control over your own body and the control to do moves led or to not do them.

Always ask permission to have a close contact hold, REGARDLESS OF GENDER.

DON’T force the person close to your own body without permission granted to do so.

PAY ATTENTION to their cues/pressure/resistance to what you may be doing and respect their personal boundaries!

Always keep comfortable and proper holds.

DON’T have your hand on the very small of their back close to their behind.

DON’T force their right hand(s) to be closely held to your own body/face/torso/chest/hips/legs or the like.

NEVER touch their face, head, hair, neck without their permission.

NONE of our dance moves are taught to touch faces, RESPECT everyone’s body as their own and not free to touch just because they agreed or asked to dance with you.

DON’T interlock their fingers with your own.

Always in a cuddle or shadow position keep the follow to the right side of your body.

DON’T stand directly behind them pressed up against them. Leave some space between you both if you or them are directly behind.

DON’T pull their waist or body tight up against your body from behind.

Always leave the connection made on the dance floor to the dance floor unless both parties wish to mutually pursue the connection after the dance is over. DON’T be Boo’d up all night on the dance floor unless both parties have agreed to do so.

DON’T assume or imply or try to force the connection beyond the dance floor.

Always assume we are here to dance, not to hook up. Though that is perfectly fine and not judged in any way as long as all parties are of legal age to decide for themselves, are in a correct and responsible state of mind and are in agreement without feeling forced or obligated in any way to give consent. All parties must very clearly give full consent ahead of any interaction.

Be positive. If the dance didn’t violate any COC or DE then be polite. Interact with the person dancing with you and thank them when the dance is done. Even if they don’t dance well, if they are not out of line, don’t be rude!

Know that you will be kept safe at F.O.L.D. events to the very best of our every ability!

Violation of Dance Etiquette can be grounds for the Code of Conduct rules of enforcement with F.O.L.D.’s NO TOLERANCE POLICY. See Code of Conduct page.

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